Our translators

We are pleased to introduce five of our female translators, of whom we are proud that they are part of our V5!


Translator Spanish

Teresa has been working with us for at least 20 years. After obtaining her Juris Doctor, her main focus was translating legal documents. But, as often happens with careers, she ended up in technology: from engines and tanks to electrical systems. Teresa knows how important it is to translate creatively, rather than literally, when you want to create awareness for a product or a company in the Hispanic world.

Teresa: “V5 and I have a pleasant cooperation, in which mutual respect for each other’s experience and knowledge has always come first. Placing an assignment is always done in a friendly manner, so you always feel that you are talking to a good acquaintance and friend.”


Translator English

Sharon started translating as a native English speaker in 1996. Since 1999 she has been a sworn translator. In the years that followed, Sharon specialised in translating legal texts.

Sharon: “I have been working with V5 Vertalers since 2001. It is an exceptional translation agency that refuses to follow every trend in translation, but where quality is paramount. Saskia and Jelmer are friendly and respectful and I feel fortunate that they continue to be part of my clientele.”


Translator French

Joëlle has been working for V5 Vertalers for nine years. She translates from Dutch and English into French. Joëlle has extensive experience in various subject areas and works fast and meticulously.

Joëlle: “I have enjoyed working with Saskia and Jelmer for nine years. They are not just very nice people, but also very professional and helpful. Besides, they also have prestigious customers, which makes the translation work even more fascinating. Given the excellent rapport with their translators, I can imagine that customers can count on top quality service. In short, highly recommended for translators and customers!”


Translator Turkish

Riekie studied Turkish at the university in Leiden at a time when the reunification of foreign workers had just begun. Here she began to volunteer as an interpreter/translator for Turkish women and soon she received her first offer to work as an interpreter/translator for a company.

Riekie: “In those days, in the late nineteen seventies, factories did practically everything themselves.” Housing, child support, you name it. So as an interpreter/translator you had to have knowledge of everything. One thing led to another and through word-of-mouth I became world famous in Leiden, The Hague etc. With my undergraduate degree in the Turkish language I was able to become a sworn translator and during the years following my graduation in the Turkish language and literature, I also became a specialist in legal, medical and professional jargon.

It is and remains an enjoyable profession. You really deal with all aspects of life. And often you can make a difference.”