We have access to a worldwide network of freelance translators with whom we have often been working for many years. We ensure that your text is translated by a translator with the right knowledge in the relevant field.

We make clear agreements with you. A quote beforehand that includes the target price and delivery time avoids surprises.

The starting point is always that the translation should be delivered to the customer as quickly as possible. It goes without saying that we never compromise on the promised quality of the translation. To determine the delivery time, we need to view the text first. This allows us to get a good idea of the degree of difficulty of the document, and therefore of the time needed for the translation. In doing so, we always take into account the wishes of the client.

You can also contact us for official translations of, for example, your birth certificate, court rulings or extracts. V5 Vertalerscombinatie has access to an extensive network of sworn translators. The translation is accompanied by a declaration, with stamp and signature of the translator, which is attached to the (original) document.

In some cases, an official translation does not suffice and an apostille or legalisation by the court is required. If required, we can arrange these declarations for you.